Recent Publications

As Arbitrary as the Grand Turke: Religious Othering and the First American Revolution. Age of Revolutions Consortium, Fall 2019.

The Deep History of Religious Othering in American Politics: From the Colonial Era until the Age of Trump. Foreign Policy Magazine, Fall 2020.

Spiritual Warriors and the Politics of Millennialism: From the American Founding into the 21st Century. The Bulwark Journal, Fall 2020.

They Chase Specters:” The Irrational, the Political, and Fear of Elections in Colonial Pennsylvania. Age of Revolutions Consortium, Fall 2020.

Pastors Claiming the Mantle of the Black Robed Regiment get the History Wrong“. The Washington Post, Fall 2021.

No Bishops, No Kings: Religious Iconography and Popular Memory of the American Revolution.” Age of Revolutions Consortium, Fall 2021.

“Constitutional Originalism and the History of Separation Church and State.” Religious Dispatches Journal, Summer 2022.

“Religious Pluralism and the Legacy of Edmund Burke Today.” History News Network, Summer 2022.

The Boom and Bust of American Religious Life.” DAME Magazine, Fall 2022.